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A Confidential Open Letter To Bill Shorten!

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Dear Bill,

You don’t know me, but I’m about to give you some really, really good advice.

In case you haven’t noticed, Mr Abbott has labelled you a “whinger” and said that you haven’t come up with any alternative to his Budget. Now, this is pretty rich. I mean, apart from a pom like Abbott calling someone a whinger, he and Smokin’ Joe have been telling us that there IS no alternative.

Of course, even if one accepts the premise of the Budget emergency, there are always alternatives. So, because you’re probably too busy defending yourself from all the people who are saying things like the left should unite to defeat the Coalition and why isn’t Shorten doing something about it, I’m giving you an alternative Budget to present to Parliament.

Here are a few simple suggestions for filling the Budget black hole: (Actually in the interests of accuracy…

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The master of deception

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I’m growing increasingly and unbearably exhausted by the track one reckless and irresponsible man is taking our country.

The man: Tony Abbott.

A man I would consider to be one of the most destructive and deceptive politicians in our history. I’ll make my case and you can make your own judgment.

Tony Abbott is dangerous and completely captured by corporate interests.

He’s a populist politician with no policy interest or conviction. A “weathervane” that does and says whatever he thinks he needs to to get power.

It’s not just me saying this. Ask those who have seen him up close.

John Hewson, Malcolm Fraser, Paul Keating. The list goes on. Their views on record.

I’ve spoken to people who went to university with him. The stories are true. He’s a complete and utter disgrace.

I’m not sure if he knows what he’s doing but…

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How we can defeat the Right (part 2): You’ve Got To Fight For Your Right To Vote

Every one eligible to Vote should do so Wisely So at a later time they cannot say what if.

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Voting is a right, use it. Protect that vote, fight any attempts to make it “easier” by kicking you off the rolls.

Enroll to vote, make sure you are in the right electorate, know your candidates and when you vote, vote properly.

Watch out for postal votes which return envelopes are addressed to a political party.

Watch out for aged-care facilities in which party hacks collect votes on behalf of residents, especially when ballots are filled-in in pencil.

Watch out for anyone voting on behalf of the aged or non-English speakers.

Come election time, make sure your less-than-mobile, non-Liberal-National party loved ones have access to a polling place, consider it quality time together – take them pre-poll voting then take them for a coffee.

The following links are for the state and federal electoral commissions, you can easily check you are enrolled and enrolled properly at these sites:

Australian Electoral…

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A Fair Go

Truth hurts

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Is everybody given a fair go in this country?

Not anymore, says Peter Barnes, and definitely not with a government intent on taking away the services and support most needed by the nation’s poorest.

But what is even more disgraceful, laments Peter, are the lies that these people have to take a ‘hit’ for the sake of (what is already) a strong economy.

“A fair go” could be Australia’s motto.

It’s a phrase that’s uniquely Australian, and one on which we pride ourselves: Fair go, mate!

There are other versions that nobody but an Australian would understand: “Fair dibs”, and of course “Fair suck of the sauce bottle”, but they all mean roughly the same thing.

Fairness, and balance.

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The laws by Shepherd, he shall not want

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tony-shepherd The AIMN is often criticised for its claim of being an independent information alternative.  I assume the criticism comes because most articles and comments tend towards progressive social justice and philosophy.

The definition of independent is “free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority; not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.”  I am not a member of any political organisation or union.  Nobody tells me what to write and nobody checks it before I publish it.  I am not paid to write.  I therefore defend our claim to independence, but cannot do the same for the head of our supposedly independent Commission of Audit, Tony Shepherd.

As head of the Business Council of Australia, Shepherd advocates for Australia’s 100 biggest companies, and was chairman of construction and services giant Transfield Services until he quit in October after more than a decade on the board.

Transfield has secured…

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How many people does it take to tell the truth?

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As Western Australia prepares to vote AGAIN for the Senate no doubt some people just feel over it all. Though aghast at the result, I remember last September feeling relieved that at least the endless campaigning was over, but they have not had a break in WA. In fact they have been barraged by media and politicians non-stop. They could be forgiven for turning off. In an attempt to get them up-to-date without having to search too far or read too much, here is a selection of the recent news.

“TONY Abbott and Joe Hockey are convinced the government will be punished electorally if it does not produce a tough budget, and they believe there is a “public appetite” for decisive action to get the economy back on track.”

“TONY Abbott has established a covert political hit squad which is funded by taxpayers, operates outside parliamentary scrutiny and has…

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Liberal Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop, grossly incompetent and biased

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Bishop during speech by Tony Burke, taken from the broadcast Bishop during speech by Tony Burke, taken from the broadcast

For weeks, Australians have been calling the bias of the Speaker, Bronwyn Bishop into question. From across the spectrum – not just left, but also right (Sky News editor, Peter van Onselen has describer Bishop as “a disgraceful Speaker, plain and simple. A shocking selection”).

During Question Time yesterday, Tony Burke moved a motion to debate no confidence in the speaker. Leave was not granted by the Government. This was moved again two minutes later by Tony Burke.

In the interests of fairness, the following speech from Tony Burke is presented in full, direct from Hansard. There is no Murdoch-spin or ABC-snark. Let the words of the Opposition speak for themselves.

Mr BURKE (Watson—Manager of Opposition Business) (14:21): Madam Speaker, I seek leave to move a motion which has not been moved in this form in the House since 1949:

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