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Millions of Americans rediscover their revolutionary soul as they lay down the gauntlet to Trump

January 22, 2017


c2uoebzxgaadnzw Women’s march, Austin (Texas)

Just under five million people, the vast majority of whom were women, marched in cities and towns, not just across America, but worldwide. Their demands were many but, in essence, that US President Donald Trump goes. The numbers – only one day after Trump’s inauguration’s speech, so full of deceits – were unprecedented.

In Washington, photos of the demonstrators showed they vastly outnumbered those who attended the inauguration ceremony. But this was no ordinary demonstration. It was the beginning of a worldwide revolt against the reactionary values that Trump exemplifies.



Riots and more riots

c2pnbugxeaathoi Limo torched by demonstrators in Washington

The marches on 21 January followed on from demonstrations and riots in cities across America on Inauguration Day. Over 200 people were arrested.

A continuum of resistance

Women have a long history of fighting fascism, patriarchy and authoritarian tendencies.

In 1936…

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